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Bay Area Marathi Indian Wedding Photography Fremont, California| Anisha-Chinmay |

Anisha reached out to me 3 months before their wedding. She had all the right questions and provided all the necessary details that I needed to get an idea of the wedding. The only thing which was uncertain was planning a COVID safe wedding.

Anisha & Chinmay's was a Marathi wedding in Fremont California. The venue for their wedding was Sakoon restaurant and the wedding was set to take place in the patio space right outside the restaurant. Since we've already covered weddings there, it was a familiar territory.

Anisha was radiant as a traditional Marathi bride while Chinmay rocked the supercool Marathi Groom Look. This traditional Marathi wedding included rituals like Gaurihar Puja, Antarpat, Kanyadan, Saptapadi, Karmasampati. The pandemic wedding was a simple yet elegant affair with the near and dear ones. Click here to view the full wedding album

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