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Nisha & Sagar's Indian Wedding Portraits at Villa Montalvo

Welcome to Part Two of Sagar and Nisha's Day 2 of Wedding festivities!

We’'re still swooning over their celebrations, outfits, guests and the whole mood ever since we started ediitng. If you haven’t already seen their Reception gallery, STOP AND DO IT NOW!


It was the fall of 2011 in the halls of Leland High School. Sagar overheard Nisha freaking out about an upcoming A.P. Macroeconomics test to their mutual friend group, but he couldn’t understand why Nisha - a notorious overachiever - would be worried. With his cool and calm demeanor, Sagar told Nisha that she would crush the exam just like she crushed everything, but offered to help her study after school. Thus began their many Starbucks "study" dates throughout the semester, which soon evolved into hours of Gchats (back when that was still a thing), frequent after-school pearl milk tea runs…and the rest is history! P.S. Nisha ended up with a higher A grade in the class than Sagar anyway... ;)


Villa Montalvo is a European dream tucked away in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Once the grand estate of Senator James Phelan, operated by the Montalvo Art Center. This 166 acre park offers a peaceful environment among formal gardens. Villa Montalvo was built in 1912 and was Senator Phelan's favorite home. It became a center for artistic, political, and social life in Northern California. The Montalvo Arts Center has continued to nurture this artistic oasis and provides opportunities for creation and presentation of arts of all types.


After a long night of dancing at their Sangeet ceremony, Nisha & Sagar, along with their wedding party made it on time to the Arts center. We started off with the Italian garden and made our way to rest of the spots. The couple were a sport and the wedding party was so cool, well I won't give away how great they were to work with. Watch it for yourself.

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