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Pithi Ceremony Photography in Fresno | Haldi

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Could there be anything more mesmerizing than getting married with family and friends around during these unprecedented times? So why not begin your journey with a pithi ceremony photoshoot?

If you consider the Haldi ceremony as a small ritual, Check ahead, it's the auspicious onset of any Hindu wedding! Tara's pithi ceremony was a beautiful amalgamation of both Gujarati and Punjabi cultures which included grah shanti puja (worshipping of the planets), Ganesh puja (prayer to the elephant god), Satak, Pithi (cleansing/purifying ritual of the bride), choora ceremony (ritual of gifting bangles to the bride) and finally haldi ceremony (application of turmeric).

We certainly had a lot of fun capturing some amazing haldi ceremony pictures of this beautiful family, sharing a few!

A blend of rituals with entertainment

The antibacterial property of Haldi is the main reason it's essential in wedding rituals. Turmeric paste mixed with rose water and powdered lentils is the best-known skin cleanser.

The Vatna / Haldi is a skin cleansing bath for both bride and groom before they step out for their big day. Traditionally, turmeric is also effective in warding off evil eyes and spirits, thus purifying the body and soul before the couple begins their new journey.

Vatna decorations with flowers and leaves, the guests beaming in yellow-green attires, and the shower of turmeric water all around are definitely worth the fun to capture.

A ritual this important can't be left out of your albums, and thus Mehendi / Haldi / Vatna photography is just required to suffice the need. While it's the only chance to have a joyful gathering without religious bounds, photos and memories are a must to capture everybody's chivalry.

Fresno is home to one of the biggest Indian communities in central Valley and also home to some of the best Indian Wedding Photographers in Fresno.

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