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Indian Weddings, Not big but still fat

California based Indian Wedding, Engagement & Event Photographer. Serving California (Bay Area, San Francisco, Los Angeles) & worldwide.

Since the pandemic started grabbing the world by its balls, people's plans have gone to the docks. Even the best of planners fell prey to it, if you are one of them, I empathize with you. And Weddings were no different. The Indian Wedding industry which is touted to be worth $50 billion a year with approximately 10 to 12 million weddings are held annually also took a dent. A lot of people quickly jumped to the conclusion that the diaspora will not be the same anymore and at some point, I thought the same as well. Until, until .....

The muhurat (auspicious) season for weddings started to begin and San Francisco Bay Area Indian Wedding photography requests started pouring in. Initially, I thought ok just this one or two, people are going to slow down. What started out as a minimalist style wedding was slowly picking up pace and size. As per my observations, the weddings were still small - there were no nosy relatives to pass judgements about how the bride should have behaved, no chachas complaining about lack of enough daaru, no abandoned children running around the venue like it was nobody's business and knocking off tripods, you know the list grows on.

But as the year progressed from August to December, I observed that what the clients term as "a small celebration" is actually small because of the number of guests. However, the width, the scale at which they were celebrated were still grand for a pandemic at rise. I'm talking about huge event centers, two DJs, baraat in exotic cars, choreographed dances etc., It then dawned on me that whatever the situation is, however strict the regulations are, we always figure out a way around it. Because, after all, most Indian weddings are all about pomp and show.

Having said that, if you are looking for a Indian Wedding Photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area who takes enough precautions, hit me up. We offer Wedding Photography, Videography, live streaming services & more.


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