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Indian Wedding at the Shiva Vishnu Temple Livermore, California| Anuja & Amit

They say true love hides in every corner. Well, Amit's love was seated in plain sight, next to him on a Bart train. Yes, that's right! The two first met at the Civic center station in San Francisco. If you don't believe in Bollywood love stories, you might start doing so by the end of this post. For a complete account of how it happened, click here.

Anuja originally reached out to me for their Livermore Temple wedding in May 2020 and it never materialized, because of, you know who (Hint: COVID)! She contacted again at the beginning of 2021, and we easily picked it up from where we left off. Being very clear of what they needed, we squared everything out really soon and were ready for the big day!

It was a very personal and intimate ceremony with about 5 guests in total. The wedding ceremony was set to happen in the Badrinath hall in the Livermore Hindu temple. Having shot several weddings at the Shiva Vishnu Temple in Livermore, I knew my ways around quite well. Anuja looked regal in lehenga designed by Seema Gujral while Amit was equally charming, donning a cream colored Jacquard Kurta paired with a maroon pagdi.

The love they had for each other was clearly visible throughout the Indian wedding ceremony rituals. Amit couldn't understand Hindi very well and Anuja - even though being a Nepali bride, was successfully able to translate the doings to him in English. Talk about being made for each other. Enjoy watching their pictures:


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