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Top 10 spots for Engagement Photos in San Francisco Bay Area

Just got engaged and looking for the best spots in the San Francisco Bay Area for engagement/pre-wedding photos? I may be a bit biased, but I think the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the best places to get engagement photos done. It offers everything from sweeping golden hills to dreamy beaches to gorgeous redwood forests to gorgeous architectures and spanning cityscapes, all within a few minutes of drive from each other. It was a hard choice but here are our top picks for best engagement and pre-wedding photoshoot locations in San Francisco Bay Area.

  1. Palace of Fine Arts

This architectural marvel is hands down our favorite spot to shoot at. There is a reason, we've shot over 40 couples in this location. The huge stone columns, vast dome, vibrant green doors, the lagoon with swans and everything else around it make it look like a spot where fairies land. It is the most photographed monument in San Francisco, do I need to say more?

Palace of Fine Arts Engagement/Prewedding Photos

2. Pier 7

I have a lot of couples who ask me for a location with the best city views. Although, there quite a few cross streets where there is a good view of the cityscapes in SF, this one is my absolute favorite because it offers a variety. On one side, there is the city view, on the other, there is the bay, with piers on either side.

San Francisco Pier 7 Engagement/Prewedding Photos

3. Musical Concourse

Golden Gate Park is a world unto itself. There are parks, gardens, lakes, museums, academies, etc. Music Concourse is one of the many spots in Golden Gate Park. Being right across SF Botanical garden and next to the Japanese tea garden, it can be perfectly chosen as a second sport. Again, there is a variety of spots - the fountain, the Ferris wheel, and the stage with the surrounding dome.

Golden Gate Park Engagement/Prewedding Photos

4. Legion of Honor

If you like architecture, symmetry, regal surroundings, this is the spot to be. The outdoors is free to access and is absolutely breathtaking. A formal dress makes the perfect picture so dress up! if you want to switch it up, there is a small cactus garden in the back.

Legion of Honor Engagement/Prewedding Photos

5. SF Botanical Gardens

Heads up! This place is huge. I consider this to be nature's version of Las Vegas. Like you Find Egypt, New York, Paris in Vegas; you can find, South Africa, Chile, Australia, Asian plants in the botanical gardens. If you haven't been here before, I'd highly recommend hiring a photographer who has already done a shoot here in the past.

SF Botanical Gardens Engagement/Prewedding Photos

6. Sutro Baths

What used to be the word’s largest indoor swimming pool, now makes a beautiful setting for enagement and couples photos. The sunset from there is beyond exquisite. If you need a change of banckground, couple that with Lands end trail. This is a popular spot for obvious reasons so be prepared for crowds, even on a cloudy day.

Sutro Baths Engagement/Prewedding Photos

7. SF Conservatory of Flowers

Need a backup plan when it's raining? This is possibly the only spot in San Francisco that is close to nature but indoors. It offers a little variety even though it's an indoor setting. Just be prepared to walk through different climate zones while you are there.

SF Conservatory of Flowers Engagement/Prewedding Photos

8. Baker Beach

Forewarning: Clothing is optional at the northern end of the beach! This quiet beach stretches a mile on the Presidio’s western shoreline. There’s golden sand, a spacious and wide beach, and some movable logs that make a good prop. It’s also one of the warmer and less windswept SF beaches.

Baker Beach Engagement/Prewedding Photos

9. Lover's Lane

A beautiful intersection of nature and art happens here. It was designed by the renowned artist - Andy Goldsworth. It is eerily romantic with the sun rays sifting through the tall trees and the winding wood lines leading one's eyes to eternity.

Lovers Lane Engagement/Prewedding Photos

10. Stow Lake

One of the many spots in Golden gate Park which offers a huge variety of settings for a shoot. I might have made more circles around the strawberry hill than the local joggers there. There is no best time of the day to shoot here because each time produces a different type of results.

Stow Lake Engagement/Prewedding Photos

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